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Cost and Conversation

This morning’s xkcd raised an interesting idea in our mind.  A number of the quotations cited bemoan the death of the old-fashioned letter–a lengthy, carefully crafted piece of writing–in favor of the much shorter note as bringing about the end of fine writing (a couple of others decry the shortening of the news cycle from … Continue reading »

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Down and Locked

When flying a retract, one always checks to ensure the landing gear are down and locked; failure to do so may result in undesired effects. The expression carries over, though. We also use the expression to describe fixation: “he had his head down and locked,” which means he was concentrating completely on one thing (usually … Continue reading »

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Fly Patterns

With a little Google-fu, one can find all sorts of neat things on the internet.  For example, free fly-tying patterns. Remember, rookies, just about everybody starts with a wooly bugger: They’re easy to tie, and have been more effective for us than just about anything else.  

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Hudson Miracle Approach

Thank you, Jeppesen.  This made our day. Never underestimate the value of good training and quick thinking.

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Equipment Inspection

It is with some sadness that we announce the cancellation of our planned backpacking trip.  Mr. Murphy seems to have intervened to prevent our start, let alone our successful completion, of the expedition. All that said, there is good news to report: the gear inspection went according to plan!  The tent pitched properly, the stove … Continue reading »

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Aviation Tire Limitations

An interesting article appears over at http://boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/articles/qtr_02_09/article_04_1.html.  Those of us who fly piston GA aircraft probably don’t think about it much, but turbine pilots may get into flight regimes that brush up against tire speed limits.  I never really considered that a late rotation or a quartering crosswind might cause a blowout; we tend to … Continue reading »

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