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Stars Fell on Alabama

It’s nearly August, which means it’s once again time for the Perseid meteor shower.  The radiant for this shower is Perseus (hence the name), which can be found in the northeast, with the peak expected approximately August 12th.  At least one source is calling for this to be a particularly spectacular year, possibly even rivaling … Continue reading »

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…and speaking of hunting monsters, we took Joey hunting for Pokémon on the OU campus this afternoon.  Our first find of the day was something he’d never encountered before, and apparently something quite rare and special (don’t ask us what it was; we have no idea!) that got him all excited.  It was a pleasant … Continue reading »

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Fly Patterns

With a little Google-fu, one can find all sorts of neat things on the internet.  For example, free fly-tying patterns. Remember, rookies, just about everybody starts with a wooly bugger: They’re easy to tie, and have been more effective for us than just about anything else.  

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Equipment Inspection

It is with some sadness that we announce the cancellation of our planned backpacking trip.  Mr. Murphy seems to have intervened to prevent our start, let alone our successful completion, of the expedition. All that said, there is good news to report: the gear inspection went according to plan!  The tent pitched properly, the stove … Continue reading »

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