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Creole Seasoning

Having used Tony Chachere’s for years, but always finding it too salty, we embarked upon a project to make our own creole seasoning (largely as a result of watching lots of Kevin Belton).  Here’s where we stand. PrintCreole Seasoning Ingredients 1 tablespoon Paprika 1 tablespoon Garlic Powder 1 tablespoon Onion Powder 1 tablespoon Cayenne Pepper … Continue reading »

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So we sat down to do a little design work for our smoker today.  Fired up our favourite 3D modeling program (SketchUp), and spent about twenty minutes trying to remember how to do simple things like get objects aligned on the same axis.  Frustrated, we grabbed a couple of sheets of paper, our calculator, and … Continue reading »

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Fly Patterns

With a little Google-fu, one can find all sorts of neat things on the internet.  For example, free fly-tying patterns. Remember, rookies, just about everybody starts with a wooly bugger: They’re easy to tie, and have been more effective for us than just about anything else.  

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Project of the Day

We’ve recently taken up welding as a hobby and sometimes-useful skill: Lacking a proper welding table, we’re forced to work on the ground.  It is, shall we say, less than comfortable. So tonight’s project is the beginning of a table.  We assembled two of these frames; next time, we’ll join them, put on wheels, and … Continue reading »

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