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So we sat down to do a little design work for our smoker today.  Fired up our favourite 3D modeling program (SketchUp), and spent about twenty minutes trying to remember how to do simple things like get objects aligned on the same axis.  Frustrated, we grabbed a couple of sheets of paper, our calculator, and … Continue reading »

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Dear Unnamed Motorcraft Engineer:

Did your blood just run cold?  Yes, that was us.  We curse you.  We’ve just had the “fun” of troubleshooting your design, and we wish grave, personal harm upon you.  We’d like to know you, so that we can find you, burn your home, and have our way with your family pets. But we don’t … Continue reading »

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Why Importing Drugs Hurts Us

(Originally posted 12 Jul 2004, on a previous incarnation of this site.) I was reading an article today discussing a bill that would ban the import of cut-rate drugs from other countries. Specifically, the author hinted that those who oppose importing drugs (namely the Bush administration) are selling out their constituents health in favor of … Continue reading »

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Aviation Tire Limitations

An interesting article appears over at http://boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/articles/qtr_02_09/article_04_1.html.  Those of us who fly piston GA aircraft probably don’t think about it much, but turbine pilots may get into flight regimes that brush up against tire speed limits.  I never really considered that a late rotation or a quartering crosswind might cause a blowout; we tend to … Continue reading »

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