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Up too late, we find that our evening Jeopardy episode has as a category “Famous Gingers.” We cleaned up. Looking forward to some good sleep, followed by a decent breakfast: a (lightly, so as not to damage the sourdough flavor) toasted English muffin, topped with kippers, sautéed in a touch of butter, and with a … Continue reading »

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A Family Connection

For those unaware, we grew up on Baa Baa Black Sheep (under its alternate title, Black Sheep Squadron) occasionally viewed in the local Visiting Officers’ Quarters while traveling. We chanced to discover upon the following: https://www.radialconversions.com/ http://www.rotecengines.com/Projects/BrianKelly.html Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HdqLQEpZoA Upon referral to Dad (who also introduced me to airplanes, and to proper–read: round) engines, he … Continue reading »

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Dog is my Copilot

(As seen at http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=150454)

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“I have come to learn about the contrarian nature of the winds. It seems that while in the air, I alone command their direction. That is to say, that there will always be a head wind, irrespective of my direction of travel.”

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Any further commentary about our procrastination will henceforth be met with derisive laughter, then immediate deletion.

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State Actor?

International law; specifically, discussing the Argentine attack on a Liberian tanker in the Falklands War. Prof. S.: Were they state actors?  They had airplanes with guns.  Do any private companies have airplanes with guns? Smartarse Student: Blackwater.

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Airport Security

TSA to continue allowing small knives on planes, this time on purpose.  Because, really, they’ve been so effective at catching them thus far.

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Down and Locked

When flying a retract, one always checks to ensure the landing gear are down and locked; failure to do so may result in undesired effects. The expression carries over, though. We also use the expression to describe fixation: “he had his head down and locked,” which means he was concentrating completely on one thing (usually … Continue reading »

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Hudson Miracle Approach

Thank you, Jeppesen.  This made our day. Never underestimate the value of good training and quick thinking.

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Aviation Tire Limitations

An interesting article appears over at http://boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/articles/qtr_02_09/article_04_1.html.  Those of us who fly piston GA aircraft probably don’t think about it much, but turbine pilots may get into flight regimes that brush up against tire speed limits.  I never really considered that a late rotation or a quartering crosswind might cause a blowout; we tend to … Continue reading »

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