Posted by on 2 February 2018

No, not weather, and no, not spices.  TV seasons (“series” to our English friends).

We have come to the conclusion that we are not a fan of the current trend of breaking up a season into “half-seasons,” with a “mid-season finale” and “mid-season premiere” in early December and mid-January, respectively.  No sooner do you get into the new season then it takes a hiatus for a month or more; watching tonight’s MacGyver*, it looks like it’s getting a third break, to return in March.

We are similarly not impressed with the strange timing of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, running from July through October, and only having about a dozen episodes per season.  That precedent appears to have been set in its first two seasons on ITV over across the pond; we suppose they do things differently over there, and the four-year separation between series 1 and series 2 would have been far more aggravating than the breaks about which we previously complained, so we should probably just smile and be patient.

Still, more magic would be nice; we’d even settle for Masters of Illusion–not even close to a substitute for the Great Ones, but any port in a storm–but it seems to have adopted the same schedule as P&T.  Boo.



* Do not get us started.  We like the real MacGyver, and have the whole series on DVD.  About the only thing the new show retains is the name, and the changes are not for the better.

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