The Myriad

Looking forward to time spent in the Myriad this Sunday at noon.  It’s one of our favourite spots, even for just laying out (even if such doesn’t seem on the menu for this weekend…but the weather might change soon).

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Courtesy of Pandora (seed: “Royal Crown Revue,” also a great band), we are pleased to discover Caro Emerald.  Pandora offered us “Liquid Lunch:”

From there, we enjoyed “A Night Like This:”

There’s lots more, including some live from the Montreux Jazz Festival.

We are definitely a fan; go forth and enjoy!

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From the Aviary

Hummingbird: I shall sip nectar from this flower in a silent, graceful ballet.


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Dust Bunnies

We always were a fan of short films.  To that end:

We would note for the record that we have no dust bunnies.  Rumors that this is the work of a pack of especially vicious and well-fed dust coyotes are entirely without merit.

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The fireworks near home started in earnest a couple of days ago, and the neighbors–who run a fireworks stand every year, mostly to fund their own show–seem to have upgraded their arsenal to include heavy artillery.  If those are anything smaller than 6″ shells, we’ll eat our hat.

Indy, needless to say, is as nervous as a poodle in a Chinese restaurant.

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New P&T (a rematch against previous Foolers, in fact!), and the birth of “a new nation, conceived in Liberty.”

Must be magic.  😉

Happy birthday!

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New Penn & Teller: Fool Us tonight!

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“A sandwich is just a sandwich,
but a Manwich is a meal!”
–Jeffrey Dahmer

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Time Out

Courtesy of our old band director:

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Tiger Moths over Highclere

We chanced to stumble across a picture this morning of three de Havilland Tiger Moths flying over Highclere Castle:

Fans of Downton Abbey will, of course, recognize the location.  They may also recall that, early in the show, the Abbey was used as a convalescent home for soldiers wounded in World War I.  As it turns out, that’s actually based in fact: the source of the picture,, tells the story.

Early aviation led to many injuries if not death and of course in World War I airmen were sent to Highclere as patients. Remarkably, Almina saved both lives and limbs. Whilst the airmen who died here are from a later war, it is again putting names and stories together so they shall not be forgotten.

Moreover, the plane’s designer, Geoffrey de Havilland, had his first flight at Highclere.

Go read the whole thing; it’s fascinating!

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