New York Losing Civil War

Posted by on 25 June 2013

It seems that New York had a bit of a panic last week that resulted in the involvement of some thirty law-enforcement and public-safety agencies, including DHS and the Coast Guard.  It all started when the H.L. Hunley Traveling Exhibit passed through.  Never heard of the Hunley?  It’s a submarine…from the Civil War.

Did we mention she was spotted on a trailer, on the highway?

That’s right, boys and girls, New Yorkers saw “terror” in a replica of a hundred-and-fifty year old submarine…on dry land…and had to call The Authorities.


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  1. Sam

    Would be comical if it was not a sad commentary on how spineless and pathetic our countrymen have become. Sadly most of them have allowed themselves to be made sheep bleating plaintively for the big bad state (read wolf) to save them from imaginary threats and monsters under their collective beds.

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