Posted by on 24 August 2017

Up too late, we find that our evening Jeopardy episode has as a category “Famous Gingers.”

We cleaned up.

Looking forward to some good sleep, followed by a decent breakfast: a (lightly, so as not to damage the sourdough flavor) toasted English muffin, topped with kippers, sautéed in a touch of butter, and with a bit of Worcestershire atop that.  Orange juice, with a splash of lime for brightness.  Earl Grey tea, with heavy cream, of course.

Fortunately, tomorrow looks to be the sort of day to earn such a breakfast.

Meanwhile, a great eclipse video: taken from 16,500 MSL from a Van’s RV-10:

.  Grab hold and drag; it’s a 360° video.

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  1. Samuel Brunson

    So what kind of day does it take to earn a Christmas breakfast at our house?

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