Equipment Inspection

Posted by on 22 March 2012

It is with some sadness that we announce the cancellation of our planned backpacking trip.  Mr. Murphy seems to have intervened to prevent our start, let alone our successful completion, of the expedition.

All that said, there is good news to report: the gear inspection went according to plan!  The tent pitched properly, the stove and cookware are all in line–and even lighter of weight than we first expected–and the repairs to our old pack* are holding firm (the repairs are a story of their own which we shall not recount here; suffice it to say that brother Greg acquitted himself honorably on that trip).  We were even gifted with a titanium spork by a teammate, bringing our total to two; we can now accommodate a guest.

It may be the delay is for the best.  Son Joey may not be ready for backpacking, but he loves his sleeping bag.  Perhaps we are due for our first camping trip, in the wilds of the backyard!


* Mind you, we use a previous evolution of the D2; ours appears to date to the early 1980’s, but the family resemblance is terribly obvious.  Even at three decades old, it has served us well across hundreds of miles of rough terrain, including Red River Gorge, KY; Philmont Scout Ranch, NM; and Grand Canyon, AZ.  We won’t presume to speculate as to whether a better pack exists, but we’ve been quite happy with this one across more miles than we care to count.  ‘Tis a fine pack indeed!

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