Cooking With Joey

Posted by on 18 February 2013

We made molasses crinkles with the five-year-old last weekend.  We basically followed the recipe, but with the following changes:

Step 5.5: notice that the dough is very dry.  Realize you forgot the ginger.  (How in the world did you forget ginger?!?)  Grate it quickly and add it to the bowl.  Ah, much better.

Step 6: roll into 1″ balls; hand to five-year-old to dip tops in sugar, etc.

Sanding Cookies

Step 6.5: scold dog for trying to snatch cookie dough out of five-year-old’s hands.  Dog will proceed to sulk off.

Step 7.5: taste cookie batter on hands.

Taste Batter


Mmm Cookies

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