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Camera Repair

A lovely, well-illustrated, step-by-step guide to disassembly and repair of the Nikon D70: D70s Camera Repair How-To …for no reason at all, we’re certain.

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The Oxford Comma, Revisited

As we are occasionally wont to do, we’d like to take a moment to argue once again in favor of the Oxford Comma.  It really does make things clearer, as a court in Maine recently ruled: A Maine court ruling in a case about overtime pay and dairy delivery didn’t come down to trucks, … Continue reading »

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A Bit Early…

…it’s nowhere near the fourth (or, for those who know better, the second) of July, but it’s still planting season: “Knee-high by the fourth of July,” nuthin.’  Aiming for harvest about that time, with eye to a second crop.  Bonus points for fresh corn on (real) Independence Day. (Protip: boil with fresh basil leaves.  No … Continue reading »

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Irony II

Irony, defined: Pazole [sic] Pork 1 teaspoon kosher salt … (Kevin Belton’s Big Flavors of New Orleans, p.38. Good cookbook, BTW; we’re making his Red Beans & Rice (p.140) for dinner tonight.)

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