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We Write Like…

We write like H. P. Lovecraft I Write Like. Analyze your writing! (We analyzed this post.)

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Playing with Fire

In discussing a case… Prof. B.:  Good explanation.  Did the dissent agree with the majority? Smartarse Student:  No…pretty much by definition of dissent. Prof. B.:  <performs migraine salute while class laughs> Okay, that’s fair, you got me. Two minutes later, Prof. B. is grilling smartarse student Smartarse Student:  This is you getting even with me, … Continue reading »

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New York Losing Civil War

It seems that New York had a bit of a panic last week that resulted in the involvement of some thirty law-enforcement and public-safety agencies, including DHS and the Coast Guard.  It all started when the H.L. Hunley Traveling Exhibit passed through.  Never heard of the Hunley?  It’s a submarine…from the Civil War. Did we … Continue reading »

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Cost and Conversation

This morning’s xkcd raised an interesting idea in our mind.  A number of the quotations cited bemoan the death of the old-fashioned letter–a lengthy, carefully crafted piece of writing–in favor of the much shorter note as bringing about the end of fine writing (a couple of others decry the shortening of the news cycle from … Continue reading »

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Dear Unnamed Motorcraft Engineer:

Did your blood just run cold?  Yes, that was us.  We curse you.  We’ve just had the “fun” of troubleshooting your design, and we wish grave, personal harm upon you.  We’d like to know you, so that we can find you, burn your home, and have our way with your family pets. But we don’t … Continue reading »

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