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Targeted Marketing FAIL

  This is actually a recursively epic fail, as we would note for the record that not only are OU fans relatively unlikely to be buyers of Michigan apparel, but that we, personally, are from Ohio. Ah, well, at least it’s not Texas.

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On Hostile Takeovers

Prof. M: “…the technical term is they get screwed on the backend.  That’s on, not in, Mr. <smartarse student>.” <class erupts in laughter> Later: Prof. M: “What happens when shareholder value is locked up in an incestuous relationship between incompetent management and an incompetent board?” Smartarse student: “Dell.”

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On Legal Education

On a side note, why don’t law schools have the type of “bling” that business schools have?  Having attended both law school and business school, I suspect it is because most lawyers block out all memories of their learning years.  Business school, on the other hand, is an enjoyable experience.  Also: Most business school graduates … Continue reading »

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Cheff v. Mathes, 199 A.2d 548 (Del. 1964) teaches us that using the corporate treasury to ward off an incipient hostile takeover (i.e. “greenmail”) is permissible if done to defend the company; however, if done with the purpose of securing the positions of the directors, it’s an impermissible conflict of interest.  Certainly, the latter is … Continue reading »

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Lawyer Meets Sysadmin

$ man suedo SYNOPSIS Obtain privileges by using a court INVOCATION Unfortunately by telling you how to invoke this command we would open ourselves as target. Please contact your lawyer for more information. SEE ALSO court(8), lawyer(8)

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“Synergies: firing people!” –Prof. M

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