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FedEx: Dumber Than a Sack Full of Hammers

We recently had occasion to call upon the services of FedEx to deliver a package to our humble abode.  Ordered Friday for delivery today, we came home today to a note on the door stating that a signature was required.  Fair enough, sez we, and tried to arrange for the shipment to be held at … Continue reading »

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Bob Odegaard, RIP

Many of you know of our fascination with the F4-U Corsair.  An instantly-recognizable warbird, she was the terror of the Pacific, used by countless skilled pilots to mete out death and destruction to America’s enemies.  Powered by an 18-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-2800 developing 2000+ HP, she had performance aplenty.  Few know, however, of the … Continue reading »

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