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The Source of Government Benefits

Government Beneficiaries and Other Fairy Tales Both [Lawrence] O’Donnell and [Rachel] Maddow seem to want to pretend that government payouts are free, as though bestowed by Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. And, as usual, it’ll be the grown-ups who are covering the tab in the end.

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Joey’s New Toy

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Accidental Truth of the Day

JOFFE: Look, if you ask me, as an economist -as a cold-hearted economist – I would say we should never have gotten into the Euro. But now we have it. If we start fiddling with it, it’s like fiddling with a nuclear weapon. We just don’t know when it will go off and what kind … Continue reading »

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Why Importing Drugs Hurts Us

(Originally posted 12 Jul 2004, on a previous incarnation of this site.) I was reading an article today discussing a bill that would ban the import of cut-rate drugs from other countries. Specifically, the author hinted that those who oppose importing drugs (namely the Bush administration) are selling out their constituents health in favor of … Continue reading »

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