Time Out

Courtesy of our old band director:

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Tiger Moths over Highclere

We chanced to stumble across a picture this morning of three de Havilland Tiger Moths flying over Highclere Castle:

Fans of Downton Abbey will, of course, recognize the location.  They may also recall that, early in the show, the Abbey was used as a convalescent home for soldiers wounded in World War I.  As it turns out, that’s actually based in fact: the source of the picture, https://www.ladycarnarvon.com/those-magnificent-men-in-their-flying-machines/, tells the story.

Early aviation led to many injuries if not death and of course in World War I airmen were sent to Highclere as patients. Remarkably, Almina saved both lives and limbs. Whilst the airmen who died here are from a later war, it is again putting names and stories together so they shall not be forgotten.

Moreover, the plane’s designer, Geoffrey de Havilland, had his first flight at Highclere.

Go read the whole thing; it’s fascinating!

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Farmer’s Market

Nothing interesting at the Farmer’s Market today.  We were hoping for some good tomato and pepper starts, but there just wasn’t anything to appeal.

It’s probably just as well, as the prognosticators are calling for another frost tonight.  Still, we’d like to have gotten some planting done.

Blueberries would have been nice.

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We Miss Riding

We just returned from a long drive back from Los Angeles, visiting our sister, and have realized how much we miss riding.  She has a horse, but we didn’t have time to take him out for a ride.

Our neighbors have horses, but cleaning out their loafing sheds (for fertilizer for our garden; much to be planted in the next two weeks, with okra later in the summer when it heats up–we discussed this with our sister over dinner on Tuesday–would that we could get the seafood she has!) just isn’t the same.

It’s been nearly a dozen years since last we were astride a horse, and we miss it.

Ah, well.   Meanwhile, enjoy Jimmy, from the original video (as seen on Tales from Margaritavision, of which we possess a copy):

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Ah, spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of … tractor maintenance.

(Oil change, etc.  We’re just glad to have found an apparently-equivalent filter so we don’t have to pay dealer prices!)

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What is “The One True Comma?”

Apologies for the poor recording; it is not our video.

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Meanwhile, at SCOTUS….

Background, as taken from the oral argument: “Minnesota’s statute bans all conventional political expression on apparel to prevent a smaller class of material that can already be regulated under other election statutes. Shirts saying AFL-CIO, Chamber of Commerce, Moveon.cor — Moveon.org — excuse me — and countless other examples are prohibited. Since a vast amount of the banned material is legitimate speech and the statute has plain -a few plainly justified applications, it is overbroad and unconstitutional.”

From the transcript:

JUSTICE ALITO: Okay. How about an NRA shirt?
MR. ROGAN: An NRA shirt? Today, in Minnesota, no, it would not, Your Honor. I think that that’s a clear indication — and I think what you’re getting at, Your Honor –
JUSTICE ALITO: How about a shirt with the text of the Second Amendment?
MR. ROGAN: Your Honor, I — I — I think that that could be viewed as political, that that — that would be — that would be –
JUSTICE ALITO: How about the First Amendment?
MR. ROGAN: No, Your Honor, I don’t -I don’t think the First Amendment. And, Your Honor, I –
CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: No — no what, that it would be covered or wouldn’t be allowed?
MR. ROGAN: It would be allowed.
MR. ROGAN: It would be. And — and I think the — I understand the — the idea, and I’ve — I’ve — there are obviously a lot of examples that — that have been bandied about here –

Go read; it’s pretty funny watching Mr. Rogan trying to defend his position that apparently some amendments are more equal than others.

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A Winter’s Day

We took the dog out for a pleasant three-mile walk this afternoon and were graced with this lovely view at the end of the street:

(Click to embiggenate)

We would note that the weather was in the low-twenties and still snowing (for those so inclined: METAR KOUN 211954Z 36009KT 1SM BKN008OVC014 M05/M06 A3037 -SNBR).  Local schools were all closed because, well, Okies are a bunch of wimps (insert standard “old man” rant: in our day, snowing, uphill both ways…).

Well, it may have been level ground, but “our day” is clearly today…ya wimps!

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Random Flower Picture

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